ACTIVITY:   Experiential Marketing


BRAND:        Promo Face


LOCATION:  Central London

Promo Face



Our Brand Ambassadors had their faces transformed into a Promo Face advert and their task was to go about central London pretending they were just ordinary people doing their daily tasks. The aim was to record the reactions of the public which was then made into a video commercial.


We sourced a young, outgoing group of drama students who saw this challenge as not only a fun shift but also a great opportunity to put a show in public. They were paired up, each pair given a small camera and we allocated a route for each of them- they covered the whole of Central London- from Hyde Park to the heart of the City. All of them later met at Leicester Square for a best group effect and professional photo session.



We were tasked with supplying 20 outgoing Brand Ambassadors for the launch of a new marketing company- Promo Face. Our client was using an American inspired advertising concept where instead of using billboards one uses faces of our Brand Ambassadors to create a live advert with the help of a giant tattoo.











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